10 Strategies For Marketing Your Blog With Email List Subscribers

How to Market Your Blog With Email List Subscribers. Tips and Tricks.

Marketing Your Blog With Email List Subscribers

Blogging is an innovative way to promote your business, build an audience, and strengthen links in your marketing strategy. It can be difficult to get email subscribers who will regularly read blogs, but these 10 marketing email list subscriber strategies can help grow your blog:

1) Create a compelling offer that’s exclusive to email list subscribers:

If you have something special or unique to offer, let people know about it through email marketing. This could be a free e-book or guide, or an online event invite for one of your products.

2) Nurture subscribers and build a relationship:

In this stage, you need to keep subscribers engaged by delivering value through content. You have the opportunity to help them out, teach them something new, or be a resource for anything else they need. If your email marketing is done right, it can be an excellent way of building strong relationships with your customers.

3) Use the power of timing:

Send out emails at the right time to ensure they get opened and read. For example, send out emails during the week when readers are more likely to be at work and less likely to have time for social media posts and other distractions. Ensure the email is easy to read, with a clear and concise subject line.

If a reader decides to open an email from you, they should be able to tell what it’s about in one or two lines. Include links in your emails that are relevant to your audience, as well as encourage them to share the content on social media.

4) Use social media to promote your email marketing:

Promote your blog posts and email marketing with a post on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Include a link to subscribe in the post or include the subscribe link in your tweet. More and more businesses are turning to social media marketing as their primary means of reaching their customers. Social media is quick, cost-effective, and highly effective in connecting potential new customers.

5) Use personalization:

Personalize emails by including details about particular blog readers, such as their interests, whereabouts, or preferred web browsers. Personalized content marketing is a way to create highly targeted emails that don’t compromise on quality or the user experience. We want to make sure that your blog posts are tailored to the needs of your readers.

6) Use automation:

Automate your email marketing using tags, events, and other automated emails to make the experience seamless for subscribers. Email automation is a way to send mass email campaigns with a single click. It’s a quick and easy way to reach large numbers of people without having to do the work manually.

Automation email marketing

Mailchimp is a popular marketing automation platform and email marketing service that allows users to manage mailing lists and create email marketing campaigns.

7) Offer a discount:

Send emails with discounts for new subscribers or an exclusive offer for existing subscribers. An offer can be your referral program, which you joined, or a product you sell. This will help to market your blog.

8) Offer a coupon code that’s exclusive to your email list:

Send out emails with coupons for existing subscribers or a coupon code that’s only available to new subscribers. A coupon code is a short code or series of numbers designed by a website to provide shoppers with a discount on their purchases. You can make one or get one from a reputable coupon store.

9) Make your email marketing interactive:

Allow readers to share their thoughts and opinions in emails or use different emails for specific segments of the audience, such as active and non-active readers.

10) Use pools:

Polls are a great way to get feedback from your email subscribers. Engage your readers and ask them what they think of a particular subject or issue by creating polls in your emails.


These are just a few examples of how to market your blog with email list subscribers. There are many ways that you can email and market to your audience, but the key is to remember not to spam or annoy your subscribers with too much marketing. You don’t want them unsubscribing and contacting you because they are getting too many emails without anything valuable in them for the knowledge they trade their attention for.

The success rate of email marketing is based on the data presented by MailChimp.The average open rate across all industries is 21.80%, and the average click-through rate is 2.78%. Good luck.

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